Eurofins Central Lab expands global footprint with GMP compliant Kit Packing and Distribution Facility

Posted by Sandra Hageman on Feb 28, 2018 3:49:35 PM
Sandra Hageman

Eurofins-Louisville-logistics-lab.jpgEurofins Central Laboratory, a member of the leading international Eurofins Scientific Group, announced today that it will extend its capabilities in global Kit Packing and Distribution Services by opening a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant Kit Packing and Distribution facility in Louisville, KY, US.

The 10,000 square foot facility is strategically located in near proximity to the UPS air facility in the US, Worldport® at the Louisville International Airport. Worldport® hub is UPS's largest air facility. It processes an average of 1.6 million packages a day using 155 miles of conveyors. The Eurofins facility has a purpose-built design of the work floor based on the Kit Assembly workflow and has an optimized layout of its warehousing.

As a continued commitment to providing BOLD central laboratory services, Eurofins Central Lab is a turnkey provider which deploys lean, globally-standardized processes, enabling high-quality GMP compliant kits to be distributed worldwide.

“Our care for patient specimens does not commence when clinical trial samples arrive at one of our Central Laboratory facilities in the US, Europe, or Asia. We made the decision to further enhance transparency and control over the production and distribution of our, customized specimen collection kits,” explains Elena Logan, Senior Vice President. “With 2 Eurofins wholly owned Kit Packing and Distribution Facilities in the US and Europe, we are in full control to use our wealth of experience to deploy the best processes, people, and systems to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations”.

“This year, we assembled and distributed over 1 Million clinical trial specimen collection kits globally, as well as provided patient-centric self-collection kits directly to patients’ homes. Our Kit Packing and Distribution Services are also available as a stand-alone service. With an integrated MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system, the Louisville operation allows quick expansion of services into 2018 and beyond,” said Lisa Fotheringham, Vice President, Operations.

Elena Logan elaborates: “With increasing complexity of clinical study protocols, and a focus on moving trials closer to patients, specimen collection kits have become more complex. Eurofins Central Laboratory is dedicated to challenging the status quo and continually evaluates ways to improve the client and site experience while remaining competitive in the marketplace. This investment in our Louisville facility is an example of such commitment”

About Eurofins Central Laboratory
Eurofins is a pure-play leading global Central Laboratory with extensive experience in Phases I-IV clinical trials and works with top Pharma, biotech, and CROs to support drug development through laboratory testing, validation, and assay development. We have the informational infrastructure, project and investigator support, analytical capabilities and experience to develop and run assays in CAP/CLIA and GLP-like regulatory frameworks.

Eurofins Central Laboratory operates its four wholly-owned central laboratories in the US, Europe, Singapore and China under the same international quality standards, regulatory guidelines, SOPs and IT infrastructure globally. Eurofins Central Laboratory has a broad range of equivalent testing capabilities, experience, leadership and dedicated staff, as well as harmonized standards and regulatory framework of four global analytical sites, that strongly positions Eurofins to be a solid, dependable central lab partner for clinical development programs.

Reliable, high-quality laboratory data is pivotal to the success of clinical trials. At Eurofins Central Laboratory, we are BOLD. We go beyond the expected. Since laboratory testing is our sole focus, there are no distractions allowing us to remain laser-focused on the best science, technology, and people so you get what you deserve. You will benefit from the fact that we are part of one of the world’s leading laboratory organizations. This means you enjoy end-to-end testing solutions, free from the worry of coordinating multiple vendors. Our testing capabilities are unsurpassed and we are setting new standards with our GLP capabilities embedded within the Eurofins Central Laboratory. 


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