FDA Approves New Treatment for Adult Patients With Rare, Life-Threatening Blood Disease (PNH)

Posted by Tracy Hendershott on Dec 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Tracy Hendershott
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At Eurofins BioPharma Services, we feel this FDA press release, as a Christmas gift that came early! After working on multiple protocols, across multiple clients, we couldn't be happier to see the continued evolution of treatment solutions for this rare disease (around 2 cases per million). Prior to the first treatment being released in 2007, life expectancy of patient diagnosed with PNH was only ten years, with poor quality of life throughout that time. With the significant resource dedication of years of effort and capital, our peers and colleagues throughout the clinical trial industry have allowed patients to have:

  • a normal life expectancy
  • improved quality of life
  • decreased blood transfusions

Isn't that the reason we all do, what we do on a daily basis? Regardless if you are a Laboratory Technician working at the bench, a CRA on your fifth flight of the month to a site for data reconciliation or a Medical Monitor, pouring over cumulative test results to identify safety and efficacy trends, these types of life-saving and life-changing treatments are what get us out of bed in the morning as well as working long hours of the night.

Eurofins Central Laboratory is proud to support the continued growth of treatment options in this field, whether it is GLP compliant, endpoint biomarker analysis of LDH; flow cytometry analysis of CD55 and CD59 to determine PNH type III RBCs, high-volume clinical assays for C3, CH50, SC5b-9, total C5 or Eurofins Genomics C5 gene sequencing, we are your end-to-end solution provider for PNH protocols, as well as most rare disease indications. 

Please reach out to us here, and we can continue the progression of treatment together!


View the FDA Press Release


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