Stress Urinary Incontinence

Posted by Tracy Hendershott on Nov 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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Currently, there aren't any globally-approved pharmaceutical treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). With a predominately female patient population ranging in the hundreds of millions of people worldwide, this provides them with only surgical and physical therapy-based options, limiting their choice of solutions. While effective for some, there can be challenges that come with the invasive nature of surgical procedures, as well as non-compliance with the length of time required for successful physical therapy outcomes. 

Here at Eurofins Biopharma Services, we are pleased to be able to participate in the exploration of potential pharmacological solutions to offer to our mothers, sisters, and spouses another solution in their toolbox of treatments for this condition. With Eurofins being the largest wholly-owned network of laboratories dedicated to the development of biopharmaceuticals, we can bring the scientific expertise of our 45,000 plus employees and over 400,000,000 analytical procedures conducted annually, to fruition on your research outcomes. Whether you are in the Discover phase of your development program, where our colleagues at Eurofins DiscoverX can perform Transporter Binding services and Monoamine Uptake assays (as they did in the article attached), or you are later in the development cycle and require global services of Eurofins Central Laboratory to perform safety, efficacy, and biomarker analysis for your Urinary Incontinence (UI) and Overactive Bladder (OAB) protocols, we have the expertise, resourcing, and most importantly, the desire to participate in your forward momentum toward finding a cure.

Please download the attached article to explore recent innovations in this condition, as well as solutions provided by Eurofins Biopharma Services in support of this research. When you are ready, please contact us - we are eager to start the collaboration toward finding a cure for you.


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Please download our Eurofins BioPharma Services brochure above for greater detail on all our analytical services. We look forward to continuing collaboration on developing life-changing treatments!



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Journal of Pharmacology and Experiemental Therapeutics 
August 1, 2018, 366 (2) 322-331; DOI:
Link to CC license:
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